Wednesday, June 21, 2017

{WHW}: Currently

Currently, I'm....

Reading ...
 I finished No Way Back by Andrew Gross on Monday thanks to probably the best day at home with baby since I've been at home alone during the days. It wasn't that great, and I'm moved on to Landline by Rainbow Rowell. Hoping I can get some more reading put into my days when baby naps.
Watching ...
We finished Friday Night Lights on Monday and man, I'm sad. It was SUCH a good show and I fell in love with the characters. They were basically a part of our family for the last 6 weeks haha.
We tried watching House of Cards and Orange is the New Black on Tuesday night and neither of us were into them. With our currently political situation, watching corrupt politics in my "off time" just isn't appealing, and OITNB--the first episode anyway--just seems like a ridiculous joke. Maybe this is all because we are coming off of Friday Night Lights which was just incredible. 
At least there is always Bravo....:)

Tonight my mom is taking us out for a belated Father's Day dinner--place to be determined. Other than that, we tried this frozen artichoke salmon bake the other night that we saw at the grocery store and it was actually really good. Will totally get it again for a night where you just don't want to cook

Looking forward to ... 
heading to the lake for a week over 4th of July with MG's family. I love our trips away with his family, and I'm going to love it even more that there are ten plus sets of hands to hold baby. And my one SIL is already planning a winery trip which I'm alllllllll about! #momjuice

Enjoying ...
that I FINALLY made it to the new moms group yesterday. After attempting it the previous two weeks, and falling short due to a super fussy baby, I threw my hands in the air and just went with it yesterday despite having a rough morning. It was nice to get out of the house, be around other moms, and just hear that I'm not alone in this new season of life. Ella made sure to scream the entire way home though, just to keep things interesting lol

coffee and water. I think I would die without coffee at this point (but I'm being good and only having one cup in the morning). 

that I got my dress for my best friend's wedding. I was deciding between three dresses, and found one that fits really well and leaves some room to eat dinner haha. 


how quickly the Summer is gonna go. Now that school is officially out (as of this Friday), I feel like summer vacation is now real--not just maternity leave--and with all of the fun things coming up like weddings and trips, I just know it's going to fly by.

Wanting ... 
a massage. I really need to get one of those scheduled asap.

Wondering ...
If people have stopped reading my blog because it's basically all baby/mom related lately. Not that it really matters, because this space is for me, but I was just curious.

Needing ...
to write Ella's birth story before I forget the details (although, let's be real, I probably won't ever forget that day). I haven't gotten to it and I keep remembering to do it during times that I can't--like in the shower, or when she's crying. One of these days...

Wearing ...
new clothes that I got from Old Navy, now that I'm back to normal sizes, guessed it...Loft! The shirt I posted yesterday is one I normally wouldn't have picked out, but am loving it and have gotten compliments on it every time I've worn it.
I need to get a strapless bra that can fit my nursing boobs in it since my other ones don't work, because......HUGE.

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Grateful For...
my mom and friend both living close enough that they can come by for the day. My mom's coming today and my friend Crystal is coming for the day on Thursday--so glad that she has a work schedule that allows us to spend some time together!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hot Hot Hot Weekending

I'm still keeping with this whole posting about my weekend on Tuesdays because I can't get it together on Sunday nights....

this one was really nice despite the insane heat and humidity we're getting in VA!

The highlights included:

~a stop in by my SIL, oldest niece and my BIL's sister and oldest daughter on Thursday afternoon on their way to a lacrosse tournament in Richmond. Everyone enjoyed getting in some baby Ella time
~MG was off on Thursday to watch Ella while I did my diabetes test (still waiting on results), and I went to work to say hi and pack up some of my things before my office gets moved over the summer.
I saw one of my Assistant Principals who barely even acknowledged me. Considering I haven't heard ANYTHING from my principal or two AP's since I had Ella, I'm a little disheartened about going back to work. I realize just how little they actually care about staff outside of work. Not looking forward to going back in the Fall.

~Friday was a pretty good day at home with Ella--who started off the morning napping super cute in her boppy--
 and when MG got home, we went out to dinner at Chuy's (perfect place for a baby because it's LOUD and they sleep through it...and if they don't, it's LOUD and no one cares about a crying baby haha)

~Met up with our neighbors for a going away get together for two of our neighbors who were moving. I love that we have so many sweet families in our neighborhood, but was sad to be losing two of them.

~Saturday we ran to Costco to pick up prints of Ella's newborn photos and then stopped in to the mall to return things to Loft. Getting out more and more with baby girl is getting easier.

~In the afternoon, my friend Kelly came by with her husband to meet Ella, and brought her the cutest summer clothes ever. I immediately washed them and put them on her the next day. It's sad that Ella's summer wardrobe is way cuter than mine haha
~Sunday morning we ran our normal weekly errands and then watched a bunch of Friday Night Lights because it was too hot outside to do anything.
~Later in the afternoon our friends Bill and Jackie stopped by to meet Ella, and Im pretty sure they were totally in love with her
~We had a low key Father's Day at home--MG has a massage to look forward to in the next week. 
 ~Had several moments throughout the day where I was thinking about and missing my dad. I know he's around, watching over us, and smiling. Just wish Ella could have gotten the chance to meet him here.
The biggest highlight after Father's Day was that miss Ella slept 6.5 hours Friday and Saturday night and then Sunday night she slept 7 hours! I love our good little sleeper!
For any new moms and moms-to-be, I HIGHLY recommend the TakingCaraBabies online class for sleep--it has been awesome for us!

Hoping your weekend, and start to the week, have been great!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

My Newborn Essentials

Today I have my repeat gestational diabetes test and 6 week follow up--keep positive thoughts for me that everything looks good and I pass. I'm not looking forward to fasting, drinking a super sugar drink and then getting my blood drawn for 2 hours. I'll be so glad when this whole thing is over.

In the meantime, I know a lot of mamas have shared their baby essentials for different stages and those posts totally helped me when I was putting together my registry and trying to figure out what I needed. So I thought I'd round up a list of things that I couldn't do without!

Sleep swaddle--
Specifically this one. Ella sleeps so well in this swaddle and helped us from the very beginning. It was a late night Amazon Prime, one-day delivery order during a particularly sleepless night and has been a saving grace for us since!

Changing Pad Cover Liners
 I got a cute changing pad cover for our changing pad that matched our decor. What I didn't think of was what happens when baby inevitably craps all over it. So we got these washable ones to put over the changing pad cover--so it's a cover for the cover lol. They've worked out really well and we've gotten a ton of use out of them. Sometimes several in one day because....shit happens.

Sound Machines...specifically these two (one for travel and one for home)

 White noise is your friend when you have a's good for calming baby, getting a baby to sleep, and continue to sleep through the night. I got the Dohm and it's just not loud enough. After taking a newborn sleep class, this Homedics one was recommended by the teacher because it stays on (and also has a timer if you want to use it), and it gets LOUD which is actually helpful for baby. The travel one is only $10 and is surprisingly good for being so inexpensive. Perfect for on the go!

Rock and Play with the auto rocking--
This has also been an essential for her sleep (and in the beginning we used it during the day, too). All of my mom friends told me to get this for baby and I'm glad that we did.

Burp Cloths--
We have about 10 of these around various rooms in our house (maybe more)--and the best ones? Cloth diapers. You can order them in a 10 pack for pretty cheap (like half of what's marketed as "burp cloths") and they are super absorbent. The burt's bee's ones are good as well, but about double the price. Ella didn't spit up until about 4 weeks but when she does, wow! It's nice to have a burp cloth around haha

Ergobaby 360 carrier (with an infant insert)--
This is suuuuuper helpful for when you have a fussy baby who just wants to be held and your arms and back are giving way. And, 9 times out of 10 it leads to an instant baby sleep. It is actually very easy on the back and helps you free up hands to do things while baby naps on you...or just sits and is calm.

Infant Optics video monitor--
We didn't use this until we started attempting naps with Ella, but it's been great since then! You can rotate the camera from the remote, you can talk to baby through the remote, and the video/audio is really clear. Plus, the price point is pretty great for a video monitor.

OXO wipe container--
I didn't get a wipe warmer because I was told it wasn't necessary, and really, after the first week, baby pretty much got used to them. The container keeps wipes wet, and also has a heavy insert to make it easier to pull wipes out with one hand without the whole package coming out.

Baby bath tub--
This one has been super easy to put into the sink, fill up, and drain. We used the sling initially before we could submerge her (before the cord fell off) and it worked great too. Ella sits comfortably in here and is now enjoying her baths which is a big win for her, and for our eardrums :)

Slow flow nipples--
I had some slow flow nipples from other bottles, but they weren't slow enough of a flow for how little Ella was when we started giving her bottles (2 weeks). These have been great, and come in separate packages, so you can put one in a diaper bag and not have to worry about it being "contaminated."

There are still a ton of other things that I use, but these have proven to be super helpful and used almost daily if not daily.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WHW: The Blank One

This What's Hap-"pinning" Wednesday is a blank edition because....
....upset, crying babies makes it hard to sit down and write a post. So, that's what's hap"pinning" with me (yesterday). Hoping that I get some quiet time, Ella gets some nap time, and I get a post up tomorrow.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Weekending: The One Where We Slept (more than usual)

I'm pretty sure my weekend posts are just going to be on Tuesdays (or Wednesdays) from now on because I just can't bring myself to get on the laptop on Sunday afternoons and evenings to write a post when I have MG home and we get that together time #lifeafterbaby

This weekend was filled with some great highlights:

~MG's parents came down to visit kind of last minute for the weekend on Thursday night so I had some help on Friday morning which is always welcome
~MG left work half day and met us at Yard House for lunch--Ella slept through the meal, but rocked her fluffy headband like a champ #allthepraisehands
~We ordered in pizza for dinner and had a quiet night in

~Saturday MG and his dad went for a bike ride while my MIL and I spent some time with little miss Ella bella who just continued her cuteness show

~Ella's been practicing taking naps in her crib throughout the day and has had success in the mornings

~other naps look more like this....which is good for my soul

~That afternoon MG and I took advantage of having my in-laws here and went to a co-ed baby shower sans of our first times getting out without her and it was nice. I'm pretty sure we talked about her the entire time though haha.
My FIL has the pic of us looking like real humans but he hasn't sent it to me--so just imagine a picture of what MG and I looked like before baby from previous posts here lol

~MGs friend sent us an adorable 4th of July outfit for Ella (that may be too big for our little peanut) and this sweet frame
Just need to get one of her photos in there and find a place to hang it!

~Sunday we said good bye to my in-laws and then ran errands to Costco and groceries with little miss....who turned 6 weeks old!
~We got a planter for our front door since the one we had had died and was just a pile of dirt. This is nicer than a pot of dirt lol
~Continued our binge'ing of Friday Night Lights--currently mid-way through season 4

~Spent time trying to find all of the things that my MIL "put away" lol

The biggest highlight of the weekend was Ella sleeping 5 and a half hours between feedings at night, followed by another 3.5...letting us wake up at 7-730 instead of 5-6am. To all of you without kids, this sounds like nothing, but those of you with kids knows how sanity-saving this can be.
Of course, that was followed by a much shorter stint of sleep on Sunday night to Monday...because babies don't let you get used to things lol. We're continuing to work towards 6 hours this week!

All in all it was a really nice weekend, with some family time, helping hands, and some good milestones for our little lady.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Weekly Wins

This Friday marks some wins that happened throughout the week!

~Baby girl decided to go 5+ hours between feedings--hallelujah! #sleep

~Ella is also starting to learn how to nap...and do so in her crib in her room! Thank goodness for baby monitors
~We FINALLY got our new recliner delivered for our living room. It took almost 6 weeks for it to get here (was supposed to be 3 weeks, and then they called and delayed the delivery). We were supposed to get it between 4-6 pm on Wednesday and it ended up getting here at 8, after they called and changed the time to 7-7:30 the night of, after 6 when they were supposed to be here. Nothing like having a delivery window eh?
~I've now made it through my first full week of being home alone with baby. New moms can attest to the fact that this may be the biggest accomplishment. It hasn't been without tears, but they've been less and less. Single moms and stay at home moms get all of the praise from me because this is NOT easy. 

~I hit my pre-pregnancy weight this week. I go in next week for my 6 week check up (and my re-test for diabetes, ugh), and I think I'll be cleared to exercise by then. For now, it's been breast feeding and taking long walks with Ella that's helped me get back. Not sure how many more of those we will be able to do next week since it's supposed to be humid and in the 90s. Boo!

~All of your sweet comments about Ella's newborn photos. We are still super obsessed with them and having a hard time figuring out which ones we want printed, etc. 
~The fact that we got the jump on a new trendy baby name before George Clooney and Amal announced that their baby girl's name is Ella. I have a feeling our Ella won't be the only one with that name within the next year or so!

Hoping your week has been smooth and fun!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WHW: Newborn Photos

Happy Wednesday! 
We got Ella's newborn photos back this week and I am completely and totally smitten. We got over 60 photos and I swear not one of them is bad!
Those are some of the highlights--can you tell why I'm in love with them? :)

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